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ESCO-Grouper  - Changelog

Version 2.6.08

  • Optimization of calculating rights in the interface with grouper API, useful for groups with a lot of membres (optional)
  • Research strategy group case insensitive
  • Change the default log4j.xml

Version 2.6.07

  • Use Grouper 1.6.3
  • Use only Grouper API (either Grouper WS)
  • only the stems in wich the user has groups can be displayed (option)

Version 2.6.00

  • Use Grouper 1.6.2
  • Add Ant task : ant clean

Version 2.5.02

  • delete content of "metier/esco-web/src/web/webapp/WEB-INF/lib" directory
  • upgrade version for jar "grouper-esco-dg-definition-0.1.0-alpha1.jar"
  • upgrade version for "cargo-extensions-maven2" and its dependencies
  • correct the problems with maven compilation

Version 2.5.01

  • reverse the selectors "Person search"/"Persons of a group search"
  • select "Person search" by default
  • Fixed : IEG-58 : disturbing messages when "ant dbinit"
  • french online-help files and files properties "search_en" and "search_fr" 

Version 2.5.00

  • Display or hide the banner
  • resizing cilumns
  • Search people of a group
  • Home button
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