ESCO-Grouper UI


RECIA has a UI for grouper named ESCO-Grouper UI.
ESCO-Grouper UI uses Fluid.
ESCO-Grouper UI can be used in servlet mode (portlet mode works only with uPortal 2.6 and https).
It's possible to make plug-ins to extend features of the UI. For example, we made the "dynamic group" module, but we can imagine a module for discussion lists, for samba shares, etc.
ESCO-Grouper UI uses Grouper API, currently in version 1.6.3.

This UI is fully configurable :

  • Screens (fields, names of the elements, columns of the tables,...)
  • Search filters,
  • ...

It was developed with fuild elements for a user friendly interface :

  • Contextual menu depends on the rights of the user,
  • Drag and drop to move groups,
  • Rights displayed when hovering the mouse over all the elements of the tree,
  • Single click Subscriptions,
  • Dynamic groups (with the dynamic group hook in Grouper)
  • ...

It offers a lot of functionalities :

  • Possibility to define profiles : all functionalities, only the tree of the folders and groups, only the subscription page, etc.
  • On line Help on each page,
  • Research of people in groups,
  • ...

Screen shots

ESCO-Grouper UI in uPortal

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