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ESUP-portail is a french academic project developed under the GPL (General Public License) augmented according to the following :

  • A binary or source file developped by ESUP-portail can be used or compiled with products under Apache license.

The official english text of the GPL can be found here :

A non official french translation can be found here :

The different kinds of licenses governing the products developed by the Apache foundation can be found here : developed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 as approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI), an OSI-certified ("open") and Gnu/FSF-recognized ("free") license.

The official english text of the  Apache License, Version 2.0 is available here :

It  It follows that you can as well as use download contents as well modify and redistribute them provided you respect the GPL terms.Apache License, Version 2.0 terms.

Downloading and using such contents do not provide any guaranty.


The ESUP-portail distribution includes the following distributions :includes JASIG uPortal: portal software distributed by the JASIG consortium