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	<bean id="europeanStudentCardService" class="">
		<property name="enable" value="true"/>
		<property name="webUrl" value="http" />
		<property name="key" value="clef-a-recuperer-auprès-d-escr" />
		<property name="restTemplate" ref="restTemplate" />
		<property name="countryCode" value="FR"/>
		<property name="picInstitutionCode" value="le-code-pic-de-letablissement"/>
		Type of cards. Possibles values are :
		1 - passive card, with no electronic
		2 - Smartcard without European common data zone
		3 - Smartcard with European common data zone
		4 - Smartcard on which application may be installed by service providers
 		<property name="cardType" value="2"/>