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Between the undersigned:

LVMT , represented by Perrie Zembri,

14-20 Boulevard Newton  77420 Champs sur Marne

Hereinafter referred to as "the company"

And Mr. (Levitt, Samuel  born on (09/05/95), residing at 10 Place Robert Belvaux. Le Perreux Sur Marne, 97140

and registered with the Social Security under   /1_/_9/_5/_0/5_/9_/9_/4_/0_/4_/3_/9_/9_/
Hereinafter referred to as "the trainee"

and University Gustave Eiffel of the educational institution to which the trainee is attached

5 Boulevard Descartes 77420  Champs Sur Marne 
Represented by Sandrine Vasquez
Hereinafter referred to as "the Educational Institution"

 It has been agreed as follows.

Article I. Project and missions The internship covered by this agreement is part of a pedagogical, personal and professional project aimed at enabling the trainee to prepare himself as well as possible for entry into working life. In this context, the trainee will be required to put into practice the theoretical and practical skills acquired within the educational institution, and will have as its main missions ;

  • Researching PDU, PLU, PLUi, PDM,
  • Conducting and Preparing Interviews
  • Presenting proposed documents
  • Archival Research, ect


Article II. Duration and schedules. The intern is invited to carry out his/her missions from (02/04/2024) and for a period of five months. The internship agreement will therefore end on (31/08/2024). Throughout this period, the intern must be present in the company  35 hours a week unless required to do telework or field visits for relevant research.

Article III. Supervision modalities:Throughout the duration of the internship, the intern will be supervised by  Pierre Zembri.

Article IV. Gratuity and benefits. Throughout the duration of the internship, the trainee will receive a monthly gratuity of 609 Euros, the duration of the internship being more than two months, in accordance with Article L612-11 of the Education Code.

The intern will also benefit from the following services; a reimbursement of  the monthly Navigo pass

Article VI. Social protection and insurance.

The trainee retains the social protection to which he or she is affiliated throughout the duration of his or her internship, as well as his or her status as a student. It also benefits from the legislation on industrial accidents. The trainee is invited to take out civil liability insurance and to provide a certificate of this to the company.

Article VII. Throughout the internship, the intern undertakes to respect the company's internal regulations and to be bound by a duty of discretion and confidentiality. The company reserves the right to terminate the internship in the event of a serious disciplinary breach.

Done in triplicate 02/04/2024

Signature of all three parties preceded by the words "Read and approved".

Samuel Levitt, Read and approved  

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