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esup-helpdesk is a helpdesk application that handles user support at establishment-level.

It is based on the esup-commons development framework and can be deployed as:

  • a servlet (using an existing servlet container)
  • a portlet (into a JSR-168 compliant portal)
  • a quick-start (stand alone application)


Lead: Pascal Aubry

Déveloper(s) :



  • Production release: 3.29.11

esup-helpdesk is an incubated project of the JASIG consortium.


As part of the ESUP-Portail project, esup-helpdesk is distributed under the GPL (General Public License). It follows that you can download contents, modify and redistribute them provided you respect the GPL terms.

Details on the licensing policy of the ESUP-Portail project can be found at

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